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Design Expertise
The enlarged base Belpile is a proprietary product and requires a high level of expertise to optimise performance. There are applications where a Belpile can offer significant savings over alternate systems and this is the environment Belpile specialise in. However, a belled pile option is not always the most efficient solution and the Belpile design team will often suggest alternate systems such as conventional CFA.

It is not unusual for designs to be turned around within a few days. Belpile have full time engineers on staff specialised in piling design. Belpile's design process includes independent expert checking of our solutions. Belpile also work with geotechnical specialists to share our expertise on our product as applicable. It is worth noting that some of the most innovative Belpile solutions have come from project structural and geotechnical engineers external to Belpile, exploring alternate solutions with our products as shown in examples.

Belpile work with project engineers on a daily basis to optimise foundation solutions; often implementing a forward works package of full scale testing. Some examples include:

-  piled rafts for multi storey towers using short belpiles

-  top down constructions using belpiles as columns/piles

-  uplift solutions for varied applications

-  limited access

-  basement/below ground new constructions 


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"Contractors like Belpile ensure we can deliver our projects on time and on budget." Jason Kunkler, General Manager, Pact Construction  

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 “… proactive and reliable specialists in their field.”dddddddd Sin Chang, SS Chang Architects

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“… professional, accommodating and efficient.”ddddddd Tom Cunningham, Civil Engineer, Advanteering Civil Engineers

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“…always professional and technically astute.” Rick Hoad, Van der Meer Consulting Engineers

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“…Belpile ensure the objectives of the client are clearly identified, costed and delivered.”            Marcus Bosworth, Project Manager, Johnson Group WA

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