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The Belpile was developed in the mid 80s by combining oil and construction drilling techniques. Since the first Belpile, there has been a constant program of research and development to prove and improve quality. To this end Belpile utilise several testing and quality assurance techniques.  

Load Testing:  Load tests to destruction have been performed on more than 50 piles over more than 500 projects.  Belpile are constantly carrying out pile load tests to destruction as we believe this is the best technique to prove pile performance.  There are other pile testing techniques, such as low and high strain dynamic tests, sonic tests and the use of instrumentation to monitor aspects of installation Belpile use to ensure completed piles are installed as intended.


High Strain Dynamic Testing:  A large dynamic force is applied to the pile head and the pile response closely monitored using strain gauges and accelerometers.  The test type is highly effective with enlarged base piles where the shaft resistance shaft capacity represents a small portion of overall capacity.  Depending on the applied force, capacity can be proved and the pile undamaged such that production piles can be randomly tested.


Instrumentation:  Belpile rigs are equipped with sophisticated electronic equipment to monitor depth, torque resistance to rotation and vertical thrust, volume and pressure of delivered product (grout/concrete).  It is of particular importance with CFA type piles to ensure the delivered product is placed at appropriate pressure and rate (volume) particularly in collapsing soil below water table environments.







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