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The latest addition to the Belpile fleet:


  MAIT HR130 for Belpiles and CFA piles


  CF6 Tescar drill rig

Belpile plant comprises a mix of specialised and off the shelf equipment. Our portable, limited access equipment is almost exclusively built in-house including monitoring systems, drills, pumping and mixing equipment.

At Belpile's inception, drilling plant was built from the ground up in-house. Although this was motivated by cost, the end result is an in-house understanding of all aspects of piling equipment. Belpile now buy new and used piling machines and adapt them to specialised Belpile applications as required.


 2 x Truck mounted drills for Belpiles and CFA piles close to existing walls


 Portable drill that can be tracked, rail or skid mounted, installing up to 14m depths

Shaft sizes from 225mm to 600mm can be installed with or without enlarged bases up to 850mm.  Our most popular product in the Perth market is 340 to 700mm diameter enlarged base and the 450 to 800mm installed using conventional rigs.  The 300mm shaft, 600mm base portable pile is used across a diverse range of projects and applications.   


 Large rig for large diameter deep CFA


   Small sized tracked rig suitable for Belpiles and CFA


 Medium sized rig for large Belpiles and CFA




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“… professional, accommodating and efficient.”ddddddd Tom Cunningham, Civil Engineer, Advanteering Civil Engineers

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“…Belpile ensure the objectives of the client are clearly identified, costed and delivered.”            Marcus Bosworth, Project Manager, Johnson Group WA

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 “… proactive and reliable specialists in their field.”dddddddd Sin Chang, SS Chang Architects

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"Contractors like Belpile ensure we can deliver our projects on time and on budget." Jason Kunkler, General Manager, Pact Construction  

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“…always professional and technically astute.” Rick Hoad, Van der Meer Consulting Engineers

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